Agreements And Terms

Joining Instructions

Thank you for your recent inquiry or registration with Safeguard RTL. If you have any queries or if you would like to talk to us about further training requirements, please do not hesitate to contact the Customer Support Team, see contacts above.


It is very important that the course delegate understands the course objectives and complies with the course prerequisites before attending the course in order to gain maximum value from training. The prerequisites for courses are as follows:

  1. You must have obtained credit in English at school certificate level as a minimum
  2. You must have studied at a Degree/HND level or its equivalent or demonstrated capacity to study at that level or had relevant 3 years working experience
  3. You are to undergo the Safeguard-Niscn HSE Professional Certificate Program or Nebosh Health and Safety at Work or the Nebosh HSE in the Process Industries or any other recognised or equivalent training before enrolling in any Nebosh Certificate qualifications
  4. You are to undergo the Nebosh International General Certificate or possess other equivalent qualification with a relevant working experience before enrolling in for the Nebosh International Diploma
  5. You are to undergo the Nebosh Environmental Management Certificate or possess other equivalent qualification with a relevant working experience before enrolling in for the Nebosh International Environmental Diploma
  6. You are to train in a preliminary auditor course or working in the relevant area or carefully carryout a comprehensive study of the respective ISO standards before enrolling for any ISO Management System Lead Auditor training
  7. For exam success in the Nebosh, ISO Management System Lead Auditor and others QHSE qualification you are read the coursebooks ahead of the tutor Exam so you can follow through the tutorial or tutor-led supports.
  8. You are to accept our learner agreements here before your registration can be confirmed
  9. You are to carefully the Safeguard and Nebosh policies so that your understand our obligation to you and your own obligations.
Course timings:

Our offices are open from 07:30. Courses will start promptly at 08:30 and ends from 04.30pm. There is a break at 10am lunch break at about 01:00pm and 5 minutes rest breaks at interval decided by tutor and learners. You should aim to be available and ready either for physical class or virtual class 15 minutes prior to the course start time.


For physical classes, tea, coffee and water are available in the delegate’s areas of all our training centres.

Approved Means of Identification:

Please you are informed that a valid photo ID with date of birth and signature, such as the National ID card or International Passport or Driver’s License is the formal means of identification for the purpose exam registration. You are scan and send a copy of your photo ID for online verification. For paper-based exam, you are to report to Examination Venue with the original of any means of identification of choice.

Cancellation and Other Instructions:

We reserve the right to change course schedules, discontinue courses, limit class size and cancel courses in which event we will notify you 7 days prior to the course start date. Please refer to the Terms and Condition for more information.


We have security arrangement in place in our facilities with security personnel and CCTV, however you are to take responsibility for your personal items and valuables in the class.


All our centres are smoke-free zones. Smoking is only permitted at the smoking area outside the building.

Dress code:

Formal/Business Casual


Safeguard RTL works to ensure that our centres are accessible to all learners including those with varying physical or mental abilities. If you have any special requirements then please contact us in advance of your course and we will do our best to meet your needs

Learning Agreement

Nebosh Qualifications, Iso Lead Auditor Courses and many other safety courses offered by Safeguard RTL are very demanding and will require a great deal of your time and commitment to successfully complete them. To achieve success, you are required to read through your coursebook before the commencement of training and also to read ahead of the tutor on a daily basis.

You will not be booked for any upcoming examination and will be moved to the next available exam date in any of the following circumstances:

  1. If you miss any tutorial from the start date to the end date
  2. If you report to tutorial late or leave before time within the start time and finish time
  3. If you fail to take part in the class exercises, syndicate session or discussion session
  4. If you fail to successfully complete and submit the take-home assignments
  5. If you fail to successfully complete and submit the mock examination
  6. If you miss the revision classes
  7. If you become unruly, engage in acts of miss-conduct or demonstrate violent behaviours as adjudged by the instructor or class administrator.
  8. If we cannot confirm the validity or authenticity of your Photo ID.

Non-disclosure agreement (NDA)

  1. This agreement is to confirm the terms on which Safeguard RTL is willing to deliver materials and information: orally, hard copies, soft copies or multi-media to the learner.
  2. Every information or material relating to our business that we share with you in the cause of your training, orally, in soft copies or hard copies or in any form are strictly confidential, some come with strict copyright protection from our partners, some are technical, operational or trade secrets and hence should not be shared or used for commercial or other intellectual purposes or deliver to third parties without the express written consent of Safeguard RTL.
  3. In the event that the learners do not accept this agreement, acceptance is deemed to have occurred when the Receiving Party makes use of the rights conveyed to them by this agreement.
Safeguard RTL right
  1. Safeguard RTL is the owner of the Rights in most of the Materials and information that are disclosed. Safeguard RTL also hold a number of materials and information on trust on behalf of its local and international training partners, certification bodies and accreditation bodies which come with copyright and intellectual property right protection.
  2. The Safeguard RTL hereby grants the learner, and the learner hereby accepts to use the Materials and information for learning purposes.
Learner’s obligations

The Learner agrees that it shall:

  1. Not use the Materials or information other than in accordance with the purposes of tutorial, learning and directed study specifically within Safeguard RTL only.
  2. Obtain Safeguard RTL prior written consent before modifying the Materials or information in any way. Under no circumstances will permission be given to remove the Safeguard RTL or our partner’s logo, trademarks and contact details from the Materials.
  3. Under no circumstances transfer any of the Rights of the Safeguard RTL.
  4. Under no circumstances make available to any other person or organisation the Safeguard RTL Materials supplied as part of this agreement, other than to serve the purposes of tutorial, learning and directed study specifically within Safeguard RTL only
  5. Receive and maintain the confidential information in confidence
  6. Not reproduce the confidential information or any part therefore without the express written consent of Safeguard RTL.
  7. Not directly or indirectly make known, divulge, publish or communicate the confidential information to any person, firm or corporation other than for the purpose of tutorial, learning and directed study specifically within Safeguard RTL only, without the express written consent of the Safeguard RTL.
  8. Not use or attempt to use any such trade secret, proprietary or confidential information in any manner which may injure or cause loss either directly or indirectly to Safeguard RTL or may be likely so to do.
  9. Not use the confidential information or any part therefore as a basis for the design or creation of any method system, apparatus or device similar to any method system, apparatus or device embodied in the confidential information unless expressly authorized by the Safeguard RTL.
Termination for breach or expiry
  1. Safeguard RTL shall continue to monitor the use of the Materials and information received by the learner. If the learner is found to be in material breach of this agreement or any known breach of Intellectual Property Right (IPR) or copyright, Safeguard RTL will immediately terminate this agreement and any contract, association or relationship with the learner.
  2. In the case of a breach that can be remedied, the learner shall remedy the breach within 30 calendar days of receiving notice of the breach from the Safeguard RTL. The remedy may include but not limited to payment of damages prescribed by the Safeguard RTL.
  3. The Safeguard RTL also reserves the right to take legal action against the learner in these circumstances.
  4. Upon any termination (including contract completion or expiry for learners who have completed their training) of this agreement, the learner shall make no disclosure of any such materials or information.
  5. Termination of this Agreement shall not affect any accrued rights of the Safeguard RTL, absolve the learner in anyway or permit the learner to retain or use any such documents or information.

Terms and Conditions

Kindly make sure you study the terms and conditions thoroughly as they guide the use of our services and limits Safeguard RTL liability to you. If you have registered for any of our courses, you are considered to have accepted the terms and conditions stated herein. The Conditions guide Safeguard RTL relationship with you which may come into force through any registration you commit to through Safeguard RTL.

Means of Identification
  1. A scan copy of valid photo ID with date of birth and signature such as the National ID card or International Passport or Driver’s License is the formal means of identification for the purpose of exam registration for Nebosh qualifications, CQ-IRCA courses, Exemplar Global courses and other QHSE courses.
  2. We shall verify the validity or authenticity of your photo ID online with the issuing authority where the need arises.
  3. For paper-based invigilated exam, you are to report to examination venue with the original copy of your photo ID.
  4. We will need the following personal identifiers in order to register you with the examining bodies:
    1. Current address
    2. Contact telephone number
    3. E-mail address
    4. Date of birth
    5. Nationality
    6. Gender 
  5. We shall hold this information on a computer system and we may pass it on to an awarding body for the purposes of learner registration.  This information will be secured and will not be given to any other parties or to other learners without your prior consent and following our Data Protection Policy.
  6. You are required to contact Safeguard RTL whenever your personal identifiers change for updating.
  1. When registering for a course(s) you are also agreeing to abide by the regulations for that qualification, as set out by the awarding or examining body
  2. You accept that you are responsible for any errors you make while completing our registration form.
  3. Your Registration with Safeguard RTL will only be effective if you have made full payment, if payment is overdue to Safeguard RTL, we reserve the right to refuse attendance on a course until the overdue amount is settled in full.
  4. A learning contract is valid for 12 months for awards and certificate courses and 24 months for diploma courses. Courses must be sat within this period from the time of deposit being paid. If the course has not been taken within these periods, registration will be suspended and a renewal fee will be charged.
  5. Payment in any convenient installment is allowed; however, learner must complete payment before the start date or commencement of training.
  1. Training fees only cover: course fees, exam registrations fees and sitting fees (exam venue/invigilation fees) for paper-based exam written in Nigeria.
  2. For overseas learners, training fees only cover course fees and exam registrations fees. Overseas learners will pay for sitting fees in their respective countries where applicable. Please also note that additional fees may be charged on overseas learners for shipping hardcopy course materials to some countries. Sitting fees are not applicable to Open Book exams and Practical assessments.
  3. The price quoted to you or stated within our brochures and or website(s) is correct at the time of publication and is subject to change at any time.
  1. Course materials cannot be returned if any course material has been delivered to you.
  2. If you access Safeguard RTL website you must do so only subject to Safeguard RTL terms of use on its website. You are responsible for keeping secure your password and learner personal identification number and you agree not to disclose it to any third party.
  3. The course material supplied to you at the start of your program is written to meet the requirements of the published syllabus at that time. These materials, when used in conjunction with any supplementary materials provided during your period of study and the tutorial support, provide all the information required for successful completion of your program.
  4. Safeguard RTL accepts no responsibility for changes to the syllabus contents of the accredited course. Should your syllabus be phased out, at any time during your study or assessment period, we can only extend this to the last available date for which your course is valid.
  5. Learners wishing to transfer to a new syllabus where possible will incur a charge for this as deemed appropriate by us.
  6. In the event of changes to the syllabus and assessment criteria, we reserve the right to alter the content or structure of a course without prior notice being given to you.
  7. Over the period of your program, you will have access to course adviser by email, forums, letter and telephone during normal Nigeria working hours from Safeguard.
  8. Safeguard will not tolerate verbal or physical abuse of her employees or agents. Any such incident of abuse may lead to restriction of communications with you to a specified means e.g., via letter or email only or termination of registration with Safeguard or exclusion from future registration with Safeguard.
  9. Course materials provided remain the copyright of Safeguard or her partners and must not be reproduced or passed to any third party for reproduction in whole or in part.
  10. All examinations run by Safeguard will be conducted according to examining board requirements.
  11. You are required to go through Safeguard policies to understand the policies that guide our relationship with you
  12. You are required to go through the Nebosh Policies, Procedures, and Terms and Conditions to understand your obligations and that of Nebosh.
  13. Safeguard Assessment closing dates are set independently of examining bodies and for assessment registrations received after Safeguard closing date, Safeguard reserve the right to refuse acceptance of your application or charge penalty for late registration.
  14. You have the right to apply for reasonable adjustment should you feel, you will be at a disadvantage during your Assessment or special consideration should you feel you were at a disadvantage during Your Assessment. Additional charges may be incurred by you for the implementation of Reasonable Adjustments.
  15. If you have a complaint relating to any aspect of the Nebosh courses, you must first raise it with Safeguard following our complaint policy and using our complaint form to allow us to investigate it under the Safeguard complaints procedure, to resolve the issue. If you remain dissatisfied with our response after our final decision, you can escalate your complaint to NEBOSH by emailing
Cancellation, Refunds and Deferments
  1. Once payment has been made to Safeguard, no refund can be made.  However, a learner can defer training to another available training date or be allowed to put another learner onto a course if the original candidate is unable to take up their place prior to the commencement training. A learner can also defer an exam before the exam registration closing date specified by Safeguard to another available exam date.
  2. Safeguard reserves the right to cancel a course in extreme circumstances beyond her control and learners will have the choice to register against any available training date.
  3. In the event that payment is complete but a learner is unable to attend the course or seeks a deferment, the following rules will apply.
    1. Cancellation in writing more than 14 days prior to the start of the course: Free transfer to the next available date or to another course of study. A learner can also be allowed to put another learner on to a course.
    2. Cancellation in writing more than 7 days prior to the start of the course: Free transfer to the next available date or to another course of study.
    3. Cancellation in writing less than 7 days prior to the start of the course: Provisional transfer to the next available date. Additional charges may apply for transfer/deferment, if Safeguard has made payment for exam registration or exam sitting.
    4. Cancellation in writing within 24 hours after the start of the course: No transfer to another date or to another course of study.
Liability for Safeguard RTL

Safeguard RTL excludes liability for:

  1. Any damage or loss to property unless triggered by the neglect of Safeguard or its employees;
  2. Any loss of profit and or loss of earnings, loss of opportunity or loss of living expenses or any indirect loss suffered by you due to the breach by Safeguard of any obligation to you or due to any other act or omission or negligence of Safeguard or its employees or agents.
  3. Neither you nor Safeguard shall have any liability to each other for any failure or delay in the performance of obligations due to any cause beyond the relevant party’s reasonable control.
  4. Safeguard shall have no liability to you should its website be unavailable to access at any time or fails to perform within usual parameters or at all.
  5. Safeguard does not guarantee that its website is free from viruses and will be uninterrupted or error free.
Safeguard RTL Policy and Awarding Bodies Information

A folder containing the below information is at the delegate’s areas of our training centers for your study and notice. It is important that your careful go through the documents.

  1. Safeguard RTL Health and Safety Policy
  2. Safeguard RTL Learners Compliant Policy and form
  3. Safeguard RTL Equal opportunity Policy
  4. Safeguard RTL Data Protection Policy
  5. Safeguard RTL Cancellation Policy
  6. Nebosh Malpractice Policy and Procedures
  7. Nebosh Policy and procedures for access arrangements, reasonable adjustments and special consideration
  8. Nebosh External equal opportunities policy
  9. Nebosh Data Protection GDPR
  10. Nebosh Refunds policy and procedure
  11. Nebosh Learner Terms and Conditions
  12. Nebosh Policy regarding learner certificates including corrections and reissues
  13. Nebosh Verifications
  14. Nebosh Enquiries About Results (EARs)
  15. Nebosh Syllabus Guide
  16. CQI-IRCA Terms and Conditions
  17. Exemplar Global Terms and Conditions
A pdf copy of any of these documents can be mailed to you on request

I hereby wish to declare that I have read and understood the Safeguard RTL Joining Instruction, Learning Agreement, Non-Disclosure Agreement and Terms and Conditions, that I have a valid Photo ID (International Passport, Driver’s License, National Identity Card), that I will not engage in any exam malpractice to avoid disbandment by Nebosh without refund.