Fire Safety Training in Nigeria

Fire Safety Course Overview: -

Recently the world has witnessed the infamous and terrific bushfire incident in Australia. We all know that what devastating effects can fire have on our ecosystem. So it is important that we learn the safety measures and awareness regarding such quick fire

At safeguardsafety, we offer you a fire safety level 1 course that will help you with the procedures required to reduce the risk of fires. Through this course you will also develop the skills of emergency procedures, using fire extinguishers and other firefighting equipment. You will also receive a level one certificate on fire awareness from CIEH, the UK on successful completion and assessment administration of the course. You can join our Fire safety training in Nigeria.

What Will I Study?

All of our courses do have some important aspects that we cover and radiate to the participants. Below mentioned the key highlights that a participant will come to know from the course.

  • You will learn the definitions, event description, component identifications of the fire triangle and fire tetrahedron.
  • You will get to know the fuel conversion process of solids and liquids.
  • Description of three physical States of fuel.
  • You will come in contact with the following definitions, specific gravity, flashpoint, explosive range, vapour density, along with the general characteristics of hydrocarbon fuels.
  • Heat generation sources and divisions of fire and fuel.
  • Learn the principle of fire extinguishments and an incipient fire.
  • Our Fire safety training in Nigeria will let you know the causes of fire, its prevention techniques and fire risk management with the 5 most common fire extinguishing agents used.
  • You will also be made aware of the primary methods of fire extinguishers used. These agents might be readily available. Water, Co2, DCP, foam, dry powder and list two fire extinguishing agents for each class of fire.
  • You will also be able to know the classification of a given fire extinguisher and the appropriate fire extinguisher for a given class of fire.
  • Working principle and operation of the following extinguishers - cartridge operated stored pressure, and self-expelling along with their definition, explanation and meaning.
  • You will also learn how to respond appropriately to a given emergency, notify appropriate authorities to a given emergency, and identify an exposure limit. All these together will determine if the fire is beyond the incipient stage.
  • You will learn the limitations of wearing normal work clothing while fighting a fire and demonstrate the Fire fighting scenario and practical evolution.
  • You will have to enlist the reasons and demonstrate correct selection and proper usage of portable firefighting equipment under selected fire conditions and controlled situations

Within one week of return to the worksite, you have to update and answer the questions possessed by the supervisor. Remember that the answers must be accurate and to the satisfaction of the supervisor. You may have to explain the following.

  • Duties and responsibilities of a firefighter?
  • How to conduct site evaluation with personnel recording and checking procedure?
  • What should be the locations and types of portable firefighting equipment available on site?
  • What are the contact procedures for company emergency services in the event of a site fire?


  • Basic Fire Fighting
  • Practical Fire Fighting
  • Fire Prevention, Protection & Practical Fire Fighting
  • Fire Warden, Fire Watch & Emergency Team Member
  • Advance Fire Fighting & Fire Emergency Response

Who Should Attend?

Individuals who are interested in learning the management and practices of fire risks and hazards must attend our courses. Working professionals who want to start a career in safety, fresh graduates and undergraduates who are looking for a boost up for their careers should also grab the opportunity. Moreover, business owners who are likely to suffer significant losses as a result of fire and organizations who want induction training for their staff can also attend ours lessens.

If you are looking for the best classes in Fire safety training in Nigeria we at safeguardsafety can be your ideal guide. We will let you know the basic concepts and will aware you of the happening in the field. Join us as an early bird to confirm your seat. You can reach us at or can directly call over at 09052345503/0803309794

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