Executive Stress Management Training


Executive Stress Management Training

Executive Stress Management Training

Course Overview


This training will help you learn all you need to know about coping with stress in the workplace, from identifying the causes and symptoms of stress, to monitoring your response to pressure and implementing coping strategies. It will not only show you how to reorganize your work practices and think positively, but also provides practical techniques to use when dealing with potential problem areas. Power tips help you to handle real-life situations and develop first-class stress-management skills that will dramatically improve your ability to deal with pressure. 


This course will measure mastery on each of the following performance objectives:

  • State how to manage the stress in your life and your organization so that it continues to stretch you towards expected goals without damaging your health.
  • State how to minimize the stress factor in your workplace.
  • State how to analysis the causes of stress and how to deal with reducing stress in your own life, and ends by showing you how to use your newfound knowledge to help others deal with their stress.
  • State how a self-assessment exercise allows you to plot your stress levels and provide invaluable information that you will utilize over and over as you learn to minimize stress.
  • State how to utilize practical techniques to show how to analyze and improve stressful work patterns, prioritize, delegate and make time to relax.
  • Explain the causes of stress, its consequences and methods for controlling it.
  • Offer stress management plans at the end of the course designed to provide participants not only valuable advice but a way to implement it as well.
  • To present in a clear, practical and interesting way, the most widely recognized technique for accomplishing a positive change in the way we think and do things.
  • To employ clear text and illustrations to cover every aspect of stress–management at work.
  • To apply simple checklists to enable you to be fully prepared when devising a stress-management strategy.
  • To apply accessible charts and flow diagrams to explore different options for action and provide useful examples.


  • Legislations
  • Defining Stress
  • Stages of Stress
  • Type of Stresses
  • Workplace/Organizational Stresses
  • Individual Stresses
  • Stress Origins and Body Systems
  • Adaptation Syndrome
  • Recognizing  Symptoms and  Responses
  • Effects of  Stress
  • Costs of Stress
  • Measuring  Stress
  • Causes of Stress
  • Changing  Societies
  • Changing Organizations
  • Changing Practices
  • Identification and Admission
  • Analyzing  Jobs
  • Assessing the Workplace
  • Coping Strategies
  • Coping with Daily Life
  • Assessing Relationships
  • Assessing Self
  • Why do we work
  • Factors Influencing Work Stress
  • Work Patterns
  • Attitudes and Behavior at Work
  • Devising Strategies to Reduce Stress
  • Taking Positive Action on Stress at Work
  • Tiding your Desk and Surroundings
  • Studying Work Patterns
  • Prioritizing Objectives and Time Management
  • Communicating Effectively
  • Gaining Inner Balance
  • Making Time to Relax
  • Seeing Stress in Others
  • Your Personality
  • Helping Others
  • Situations
  • Case Study
  • Taking Time Off
  • Exercise and Rest
  • Relaxation
  • What we do and what we think
  • What we eat
  • Cognitive Techniques
  • Medical treatment of stress
  • Meditation
  • How Much Stress Do I Have?
  • Is My Lifestyle Sedentary?
  • Social Readjustment Scale
  • Stress and the Diet
  • Stress Management Plan


We have Examinations for each package in addition to practical assignments which you must pass before certification. Pass mark is 50%. If you fail any of the exams, you would be required to re-sit it at the cost N3,000 per paper. 

Fees And Program Responsibilities

The course duration is 1 day. The course is delivered in our Full Multi-Media, Air-conditioned Training Laboratory. The course can also be delivered as an in-House Training Program in your premises. 

For in-house training, the minimum number of persons required per class is 6 persons, if you are training a class that is less than 6 persons, your payment may cover payment for 6 persons. We shall execute the program as presented in this schedule with our materials, equipment and instructors, and issue certificates to participants at the end of the program. 

If the training is holding at our Training Laboratory, we shall have tea and lunch breaks during the program.If you want the training to hold in your company premises, you are to provide the training hall and have tea and lunch breaks during the program. If the training location is outside our training centers, an additional cost to cover logistics at such a location will be added to the total cost unless provided or specific arrangement is made by the company.

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